The cakes

Rosalina makes cakes, with a large choice of dough and filling: Genoese, nature, vanilla or chocolate or yogurt cake, filled with fruits (mangoes, peach, strawberries ...) or with mousses (fruits, chocolate, nutella , milk jam, caramel ...).

gâteau décoré

You will have an abundant choice of decorations in 2 or 3 dimensions, you choose the theme and the type of decoration that you like. Minimum cake size: 10 people (from 120 CHF). Rosalina also makes pieces assembled for all occasions (3-5 floors, price 10 CHF per piece of cake). When ordering (minimum 15 days before) a deposit of 50% is required to confirm the order.

Rosalina keeps of course the right to refuse the order according to the requested theme.